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Diesel Smoke - Blue, Black, and White Smoke, and What They Mean


Generally, diesel engines only emit three types of smoke.
The types emitted, are typically, black, blue, and white smoke. We are going to talk about black smoke first.
Black Smoke? What causes it?
Black Smoke is always caused by too rich of an air to fuel ratio.  Learn more by... clicking here to go to the black diesel engine smoke page.

White Smoke? What Causes It?

Ok, so it's 10 degrees outside, you go out and crank up your diesel powered vehicle, and it takes a little longer to start, and when it starts... you click here to go to the white diesel smoke page for more information.

Blue Smoke? What Causes It?
Blue smoke out of the other colors you may see in your diesel engine, is the worst color. I'll tell you why when you.. click here to go to the blue diesel engine smoke or oil smoke page and find out why.    

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