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White Diesel Smoke

Ok, so it's 10 degrees outside, you go out and crank up your diesel powered vehicle, and it takes a little longer to start, and when it starts, a plume of white smoke boils out of the exhaust, or if it's oh say.. -40! degrees, it doesn't start, but looks like you're on fire out of the exhaust. Welcome to the world of cold starts! Totally normal for you to get white smoke on cold start-up in any diesel, of any type, brand, or size, below about 30 degrees. (The bigger the engine the more smoke usually)

That being said, white smoke when warm/hot, is NOT normal, and must be addressed. I will not go into details at this time, but depending upon your make or model, it can be Head Gasket/s, Oil Coolers, EGR Coolers, etc).

Suffice it to say, if you are smoking white smoke while driving the vehicle, you should immediately drive to a mechanic, and if the engine is knocking wildly, and making about to explode noises, SHUT THE ENGINE OFF, you most likely have a stuck injector, and you can very easily burn a hole in your piston on the affected cylinder, or even worse, hydrolock the engine, which is a worst case scenario, which usually destroys the engine block.
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